Robust governance framework

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance


The Company has developed a governance system in accordance with the Corporate Governance Regulations (CGRs) issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).

The CGRs prescribe the rules and standards for the management of the Company to ensure that the Company’s corporate governance standards are in line with best practices enshrining the rights of shareholders and stakeholders.

Audit Committee

The primary role of the Audit Committee is the monitoring of the Company’s financial reporting, internal audit, compliance and disclosure process, whistle blowing and risk management.

Including the oversight of:

  • The integrity, fairness, and transparency of the Company’s interim and annual financial statements, and the adequacy and effectiveness of the Company’s internal controls, financial reporting and financial risk management systems

  • the qualifications and performance of the Company’s internal auditor;

  • the independence, objectivity, fairness, and effectiveness of the external auditor

  • the Company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

The primary role of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee is to oversee the Company’s policy on remuneration and its implementation, as well as leading the process for nominating and appointing members to the Board. The Committee reviews the annual individual compensation plans for the Directors and Senior Executives. The Committee also evaluates and makes recommendations with respect to the structure of the Board and composition of the Board’s Committees.

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